May 4, 2014

How to spice up your fitness class

Ok, this weekend went by way too fast. Dylan has been keeping busy with school stuff (he graduates next Thursday! And I need a dress!). Because of this, we have been laying low at home.
Uhh but you can't keep me all cooped up inside when the weather is absolutely gorgeous out. I'm talking t-shirt weather. I knew Lola would appreciate us going on long walks through the woods. So we did.
I found a field of lilac bushes. I just had to pick them.
They are now in a little vase on our table. And they smell amazzzing.
I also picked up a lil hitch-hiker. A baby inch worm was working his way up my arm.

With warmer weather on its way, that means people are hitting the gym these days.
For a while, my Pilates class was dead. Like, I'm talking 1 or 2 people, if not none. I still get paid regardless if people show or not, but still, it's nice when there is a good turn out. So like I said, around this time of year people are starting to hit the gym more. My Pilates class is slowly growing from word of mouth and it's wonderful! And I am making sure it stays that way.
Here are some tips on how to keep your fitness class interesting (because after all, the biggest reason why people stop showing to class is boredom).
Here are some ways you can keep your participants wanting to come back for more!
- The easiest way to change up your class is to get new music. Music is a huge motivational tool, and keeping it new will keep your participants happy.
- If you are in a routine rut, seek YouTube! Get inspiration from others. This will keep your workouts fresh and new.
- Add the use of equipment. It makes for a more out-of-the-norm workout class when you add in some equipment. I've done Pilates class with stability balls and weights, and my participants always tell me that those workouts are their favorite. They think it's fun!
- Stand somewhere else, or change the layout of your class. For example, in Pilates I usually am up front, and everyone has their mat lined with mine behind me. But once, I went in the middle of the room and had them make a circle around me. Even though we did the same workout from the week before, it still made it feel new and interesting.
- Once in a while, have a 'focus' day, like a legs, abs, or stretching day where that element is focus for the whole class. Just another way to change up a class.
- Another thing you can do to make sure you keep people coming back- comment cards. At the end of class you can ask participants if they want to fill out an anonymous comment card, stating what they liked and disliked about your class. This way you will know for sure what to take out of your routine, and what to keep and add more of.

What ways do you keep your fitness class interesting?

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  1. I just can't get over how cute your pup is! And oh ya I'm loving this weather as well!!


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