January 21, 2013

Booty Burner

Burn up and perk up that booty with this workout! This is one of my favorite routines to do for my backside.

Exercise 1 Back Lunges, switching legs 
Repeat 20x

Exercise 2 Reverse Lunge into Donkey Kick
Repeat 15x on each leg
Begin with back lunge. Drop back knee to floor and take front leg through into a back donkey kick.
Return leg to the front and return to lunge position. Stand up and pick up the back leg, knee to chest. 
Exercise 3 Dead lifts
Repeat 15x on each leg

Exercise 4 Single Leg Butt Bridge
Repeat 15x on each leg

Exercise 5 Donkey Kicks, straight leg
Repeat 20x on each leg

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