July 29, 2014

Some Lavenham Pics

We have been prepping our house for our move next week. (I use the word we loosely. I was mostly Dylan). Our garage in now full of boxes filled with house things. I can't wait to move to our bigger home.
Yesterday was a big fitness teaching day for me. 
11 am - Spin
5 pm - Total body conditioning
6 pm - Yoga
I would like to mention that none of these classes had AC. 
My shirt says it all. And this pic was taken after half my shirt already dried up.

With the lovely weather this weekend, we wanted to go do something different than our usual thing (Cambridge, Bury, etc.). So I was able to convince Dylan to go visit Lavenham with me.
It's a small village that's only 30 minutes away from us, and we've never gone because we hear conflicting opinions about it. All the people I've talked to only had good things to say about it, while everyone Dylan has talked to say it dumb. But we had a day to do nothing, and we decided to check it out.
It's a medieval village, full of crookidy old buildings from like the 14th century. While it is super small, only a few streets, it is still so cute! We stopped in The Swan, an old inn from the 1400's, for tea time. The hotel was amazing inside! And they had a beautiful outdoor lawn/garden for tea. 
Will we go back, er, probably not. I would say it's a one time thing, but I am happy we went!
Cute right? 
I will now leave you with this amazing shot of Lola cuddling on the couch.
 Makes me giggle every time.
Have a good day!

July 27, 2014

Why your grandparents didn't have acne

Can we take a moment to look at some of these old portraits.
Did you notice how lovely their skin is?! I know these aren't HD quality photos, but still, you can tell these folks didn't suffer from acne. I was looking through a mass Google image search for old vintage portraits, and I did not see one image where someone's skin didn't look like porcelain.
Ok, I know that some people back then may have dabbled with spurts of acne, but the majority did not have that problem. Nowadays, you can find a whole isle at the store dedicated to just acne and breakout treatments.
I started doing some research. I learned that within the past hundred years, cases of acne have soared, making it a huge market for sales. Even prescription drugs have gotten in on the acne market. I, myself, was put on drugs for my skin because I did suffer a great deal from awful breakouts during middle school/high school. I was even one of those people on Accutane.

So why is acne on the rise?
Whenever I would bring up the topic of diet to my dermatologist, he would laugh, saying that diet has no effect on skin. At the time I was dealing with my breakouts, I believed him. But as my diet has developed to a much more natural one, my skin in loads better. I know that's just my personal story, but I also dug into research about it. Diet can be actually one of the most determining factors if someone will experience acne/breakouts. It actually makes total sense, since diet effects toxin levels, blood sugar, nutrition deficiencies, etc. You really do wear what you eat.
While a poor diet can negatively impact your skin, more specifically, sugar plays a large role.
This chart shows how much sugar consumption has gone up in the United States.
When high amounts of sugar are consumed, your blood glucose and insulin levels go up. Excess sugar also feeds yeast in the GI tract. When you have a damaged GI tract (one with too much sugar and yeast), it impairs the guts ability to absorb toxins, which instead get released into the blood stream. Thus, can lead to acne.

Poor diet
I know I touched on diet above, but this is about how an overall bad diet can effect your skin. When you make poor food choices, your liver, kidneys, blood, colon, lymphatic system, and skin are in charge of getting the toxins out. When you overwhelm these systems with a constantly poor diet, they become stressed and cannot do their job fully. Excess toxins are then left in the body, and hence, can basically be worn on your face.

With all the technology we have today, a lot of people experience sleep problems. Lack of sleep leads to poor diet choices, stress, depression,  interferes with cortisol and hormone levels, etc. All these side effects can lead to acne.

So what did our ancestors do differently?
For starters, if you looked at that chart above, you would see that they didn't consume as much sugar as we consume today. Also, they ate clean and wholesome. They weren't taking in the toxins from processed fake foods. Instead they ate local organic produce, and  fresh meat and dairy.
As for sleep, they went to bed when it was dark and woke up when it was light. They didn't have technology (some didn't even have electricity) to keep them up at night.

Even though this post is about how your grandparents didn't have acne, it is also about how they were more healthy in general! Let's all try to be a bit more like them :)


July 26, 2014

8 glasses of water a day? Nope.

*Rant ahead
We've all heard the rule; 8 glasses of water a day. Regardless of your age, physical activity, weight, etc., everyone needs 8 glasses. Ah and those water myths; when you are feeling thirsty you are already dehydrated, and those equations like you need to drink half your body weight in ounces.
May I ask where this rule even came from? I'm sure some health guru said he drank 8 glasses, and then everyone decided that everyone in the world needs 8 glasses. I know Dr. Oz agrees. Like everyone has this same water quota to meet.

The truth is, you don't need to waterboard yourself everyday. And here's why.
There is water in most things you eat
Assuming you eat a diet consisting of meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables, you are getting a good amount of water from your food alone. All those foods contain water. Did you know a baked potato is like 75% water?! And for some reason, people don't realize that there is water in every other beverage besides actual water. Soda, juice, milk, coffee, tea, etc. all have water. (I'm not condoning drinking soda, by the way).

The rule teaches you NOT to listen to your body
This water trend tells you you need to drink 8 glasses. Even if you are not thirsty, force it down.
If you have a dog or cat, observe how much they drink. I can tell you that they aren't taking in 2 liters a day. Even though I am not Dr. Doolittle, I also know that they aren't trying to force water down when they are not thirsty. 
Here's the deal; assuming you have a healthy, proper functioning brain, IT WILL tell you when you need water. Your brains job is signaling the body for what it needs; that's why we feel hunger when we need to eat, you feel pain when something is not right, and you need to drink when you are thirsty. If you are not feeling thirsty at all, fantastic! You are properly hydrated!

Overhydration throws off electrolyte balance, blood sugar and sodium levels
There are all sorts of sciency things about how overhydration totally throws off important balances. I won't go into all that here (mostly because it's lengthy and sounds quite boring). Just know this, when someone is getting pumped with an IV because they were dehydrated or something, they are not pumping pure water. That would kill them. Instead, they are being pumped with a very carefully balanced concoction of water, along with things (I say things because I don't know all the sciency names for them) that offset the cause of overhydration in the blood stream. 

Everyone is different
What if there was a set amount of calories that everyone needed to take in, that was the same for everyone? Yes, everyone needs 1300 calories to be healthy. Durr, that makes no sense, right? Each person has their own personal needs, depending on size, weight, age, physical activity, even location around the globe. Same thing goes with water. Someone who is sedentary in an AC room does not need to drink as much water as someone running errands out in the heat. How much water you need also depends on your metabolism.
So everyone needs different amounts of water!

So how much should you drink?
Drum roll please... You drink when you are THIRSTY. Let your body tell you when it is time to drink. You may be surprised to know that our bodies are fabulous at signaling us when we need something. Whether it be hunger, pain, having to use the toilet, or thirst, your brain signals got you covered. No need to worry or keep track of how much fluids you are taking in.
It's seriously common sense.

Me? I drink lots of water. But that's because I exercise and sweat a lot, and I am thirsty. I do not try to force down another liter of water when I am not thirsty.

And what's with the whole "once you're thirsty you're already dehydrated" deal?
This rule applies to exercisers. When you are exercising, whether it be running, swimming, hiking, etc. it is important to keep your fluids up because you are going through your fluids more quickly. I would have to say that I agree with this statement for when you are being active, as oppose to applying this rule as a general water fact.

How much water are you drinking??