July 25, 2014

Market day with Lola

I felt so lame for not taking advantage of this warm weather, so I decided to take the Lo girl out for a day in Bury. And it was market day, even better!
Everyone always wants to stop and pet Lo, and she loves the attention. She's too cute.
We went to the park and abbey, where we explored some ruins and chillaxed on a park bench.
When we got home, she didn't even want to stay in the house. She wanted to nap in the sun.
Can we please get a close up of this face
Have a great weekend folks!!

July 24, 2014

Planet Gear Sale

Hi everyone!
Are you all having a good week? Mine has been hot, hot, hot. Beautiful weather, but hot.
The gym where I teach yoga has no air conditioning (how can a gym not have AC? Only in England..) So my past two classes have been Bikram style, with sweat pooling on my mat and sweat tripping off my finger tips. Last night I have never sweat so much in my life. I loved it! But I know others were not too fond of the high heat. Because of the temps, all classes have been cancelled until further notice (until it cools down).
That leaves me still teaching Pilates in a nice studio with AC :) But I love yoga so much!

Speaking of, I just purchased a new yoga mat from PlanetGear.com. Because, my friends, they are having a HUGE sale on their whole site. If you've never heard of Planet Gear, they are a discount site that sells everything an active lady may need, from yoga gear, to outdoor apparel, to running shoes, workout clothes, etc. It's like a discount Sport Challet for women. The coolio thing is that they sell high-end products at great discount prices.
I purchases this yoga mat by Yoga Rat, originally $30, for only $12.50!
I suggest your check them out. Right now everything on their site is over 50% off, so now is the time to buy!

If you do decide to purchase from them, then please use THIS LINK HERE. It's a personal link to my account, saying you were invited by me. If you do this, then we BOTH get $10 credit towards a purchase.  (So yes, you benefit from it too).

Below are some of my fav things from their site on sale now:
These Reef flip flops
This Dakine Casey bag
This yoga/workout top
So go, shop, have fun. Remember use the link :) Let me know if you get anything!
Link again --->  Get $10 off your purchase here!

July 21, 2014

Self Tanner I used in Mallorca

I was hanging out with my gal, Steph, and she told me she thought my tan from Mallorca was real. I had to give a good chuckle and remind  her that I DON'T do sun. While I am usually a fan of "being nautral" and all that good stuff, I do break the rule when it comes to going on a beach vacation, because my tan is oh-so-fake.
Looks real, though, right?
I used L'Oreal Sublime Bronzer. If you read my Self Tanner reviews HERE, you would know that this was on there. I exfoliated really good in the shower, then applied a layer in the morning. I took a rinse before bed, so I wouldn't stain the bed sheets. The next morning, I showered and applied another layer.
And that was it. Only 2 layers in 2 days. It lasted great the first couple days, then slowly started to fade away. With all the sun lotion, sea water, showering and toweling off, it was obvious it wasn't going to last that long. But if I had brought the tanner with me and kept consistently applying it after every, or every other, shower, things would have been all good.
The best perk to this stuff is I can still rock SPF 50 and hide myself in the shade, but still have an awesome summer glow with no sun damage.
What's your favorite self tanner?