September 21, 2014

Italy Part 3: Portofino, Santa Margharita Ligure

Hey friends! So this is the final Italy post to share with you all. The last part of our trip we ventured up the coast a bit to Dylan's dream destination, Portofino. Though we actually ended up getting a hotel at the next town over Santa Margharita Ligure, because Portofino is so small and SML is bigger with more hotels. But a quick 15 minute ferry ride along the coast was departing and arriving every hour all day.
We got to our hotel in SML and were in love with our view of the beach. Stunning! We took the ferry to Portofino, where we spent most of our day. Came back to SML in the early evening, showered up, and headed off for dinner. Our last Italian dinner in Italy *tear*. Portofino was absolutely gorgeous. It looked like something from a movie set. I am so happy we ended our trip in such an amazing destination!

September 20, 2014

Italy Part 2: Cinque Terre

Did you enjoy the Florence pics? Wait until you see these pictures from our following destination, Cinque Terre.
After Florence, we took a train into Cinque Terre, which is a series of 5 quaint fishing villages along the coast. We stayed in the town Vernazza, which I think is one of the most beautiful. Our first day/evening, we just spent there, exploring the little town and going to great look out points.
The second day we woke up early to hike. The only way to get to and from each village is by boat, train, or hiking. The hikes are TOUGH. We hiked from Vernazza to the next village over, Monterosso, and we were drenched in sweat. We got lunch over there, walked around the town, then took a train over to Manarola. It was so beautiful there! The water looked so refreshing, so I took a swim in my bra and rolled up my yoga pants. I spent the rest of the day in wet clothes, but it was so worth it. In the evening we went back to Vernazza to shower up and get some amazing dinner.
The following day we saw the two remaining towns Cinque Terre had to offer. We took the train to Riomaggiore, then went to Corniglia. Both were stunning.

Tomorrow I'll be posting Portofino pics :)
Have a good weekend!