September 30, 2014

What you should know about hot yoga

Hey folks!
So this past weekend I joined a yoga buddy of mine to a hot yoga class. There is this yoga studio that is less than 10 minutes away from my house, which I always hear wonderful things about yet have never gone. I mean, I kind of get my own fill of things by teaching yoga myself so I often don't make time to pay and take other classes. It's a shame, though, because I love taking group fitness classes, and it's been a LONG time since I took a group yoga class. 
Anyways, so when she asked me if I wanted to go to hot yoga with her, I was delighted and said yes. It was at the Wellbeing Warehouse in New Market and I entered with a military discount (score!). The hot yoga room was a lovely 100 degrees. I won't lie, it hit me hard as I entered the room and was already sweating before class got started, but it turned out to be an amazing class. The class was taught by the studio owner, and she was absolutely wonderful. The class was difficult yet extremely relaxing. Loved it!!
If you are interested in taking your first hot yoga class, here are some things you should know to better prepare yourself. 
- Make sure you bring a towel to wipe off with. I'm telling you, you will sweat the most you have ever sweat in your life in a hot yoga class. The towel is not only good for wiping the sweat from your face, but it also comes in handy for your grip. Unless you have an anti-slip yoga mat, your palms will be slipping and sliding on a regular mat, and you can use your towel under your hands to keep them gripped. 

- Bring lots of water. It's important to keep yourself hydrated with all the sweating you are doing. Try to make sure your water is nice and cold before class starts. Keeping your water in the room with you will slowly warm your water, so if you start off with cold water, it will remain cooler for longer.

- If you feel too hot, DON'T rush out the room. If it is your first time, tell the teacher you have never done hot yoga before so they are aware. If you are feeling not well and the heat is too much, rushing outside into the cool will probably put your body into shock, making you feel much, MUCH worse. It is too much of a drastic temperature change for your body. Instead, if you don't feel well, stop doing yoga and try relaxing on your back or in a child's pose to see if you feel better. If you still don't feel well, then you can quietly leave the room. Just make sure your body is a bit more at ease, as oppose to running out the room for fresh air.

- Breathe deep breaths. In such heat, your heart rate will naturally rise. It is extremely important to breathe slow and deep through the entire class. Breathing quick shallow breaths will make you feel sick. 

- Don't be afraid to rest. Especially if you are new, it is perfectly acceptable to take a moment to relax and let your heart rate come down a bit. Listen to what your body is telling you.

- Shorts probably aren't the best idea. Yes, it's going to be hot and I know you want to wear the least amount of clothing possible, but suck it up and throw on leggings. This is because with your legs exposed in shorts, your legs will be extremely slick and slippery with sweat, and you will not be able to do certain holds or balances without your hand or foot sliding off your leg.

- After class make sure to re-hydrate with lots of water and eat something healthy.

I don't really recommend a hot yoga class for someone who has never taken yoga before. I recommend taking a couple regular yoga classes first before hopping into hot yoga.
Remember that hot yoga isn't for everyone!! Have common sense and listen to your body.

I am a little obsessed now. I will definitely be returning to that class. 
Have you done hot yoga? What was your experience like?

September 29, 2014

8 year anniversary

Happy Monday! Yuck Mondays.
Something good about this Monday, though; it's mine and Dylan's 8 year anniversary together as a couple.
I have to teach yoga tonight, so last night we went out to a really nice fancy dinner, where we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. I made the classic mistake of eating way too much dessert (it was a toffee and malteesers ice cream sundae), and I nearly died.
Anyways, for fun I thought I would share with you some pics of us from way back when we started dating.
Happy anniversary Dylan!
Haha we were so young!
Anyways, have a good day :)

September 28, 2014

Flowers everywhere

Today my gal pal, Chloe, invited me to the main manor on the estate she lives on (yes, there is a manor, and an estate. Crazy.) They don't really open the manor up to the public, but this weekend they were doing a whole floral exhibit inside.
(There were also vendors, from whom I bought this new purse from. LOVE it)
There was a WWI theme, and outside the manor was an old car show going on. Inside, the interior had all original furnishing from the WWI era, very Downton Abbey-esque. It was full of beautiful floral arrangements. So this combined two things I love very much; flowers and historic sites. Perfect! And Chloe's little girl was just too cute the whole time.
It was so lovely!
Have a good Sunday :)