March 5, 2015

Guess who's back?!

You guys! It's been SO LONG!
Like, what, almost 3 months?
I really just needed a blogging break. With Dylan being away on deployment, I was the busiest bee ever.

Quick recap of the past few months.
My mom spent a month with me here in England.
I just got back from Paris.

Dylan is home!

I have decided to make some slight changes to the blog. For starters, I have gone through all my posts and deleted the "filler" posts that I would just post for no reason at all, and also got rid of all those embarrassing posts from when I was starting up.
I think I'm going to start writing more travel-related posts as well. Before, when I would go on a trip I would just post a ton of pictures, but now I'm going to add more insight.

I also decided to really start being ME. Not that I wasn't before, but now that I've taken a break and returned to the blog, I noticed that I was kind of trying to be someone else. Like for example, I wanted to really get into living with essential oils, because they are the trendiest thing right now (right?), so I ordered a bunch, and now they are just sitting away in a drawer. On the blog I posted about how I was so excited for my oils. However, I think I was just trying to make myself like them so I could blog about something trendy and interesting (if that makes sense).
So anyways, I'm going to steer away from stuff like that, and just do 100% Nicole, because that's why you are visiting this blog to start with!

I'm so excited to be back, and look forward to writing for you all again :) Take care!

December 14, 2014


Hi everyone!
I obviously haven't been blogging much at all these days.
Basically, life has become super busy and continues to be busy. I am going home for the holidays and am returning to England with my mother.
When I started this blog I had loads of free time, but unfortunately (for the blog), that is rare these days for me. This is the first time I have turned on my laptop in a week!
So I am going to be taking a bit of a blogging break. I just didn't want to leave you all wondering where I was! Don't worry, I will return to blogging in the near future, or probably just very randomly within the next months, like if I have a new recipe that I am just dying to share with you.
I wish you all happy holidays and a fantastic new year! I will be back soon :)
xoxo Nicole

December 6, 2014

Easy DIY's that would make great gifts

[Has nothing to do with this post, but I just needed to share this pic of Lola sitting like a human, trying to figure out why I'm laughing at her]
Woo hoo! Saturday!
I woke up this morning to it being 21 degrees out side. I debated weather or not I should live in my bed for the rest of winter; it was such a cozy hot pocket. But then I realized that would never do and was eager to see if there was snow out my window. Yet there was no snow, just ice. Everything was frozen. Although it did look like a dust of snow.
Going out to walk Lola was a real treat (said with sarcasm).
They say dogs keep you active. That must be true, because there is no way I would ever go out walking in the dark morning in below freezing temps for my own pleasure.
My car was completely frozen over, too. It looked like being in a giant ice cube from the inside.
So what a perfect morning for hot yoga! Nothing sounds better on a freezing day than doing relaxing yoga inside a giant toaster oven.
I was very glad I went, and felt so warm and peaceful after.
And since it's definitely feeling like winter (here at least), let us turn to the topic of holiday gifts!
Most DIYs are cheap, easy, and of course, totally personal because they are made by you! So if you are tight on funds for holiday shopping, or want to impress with an awesome homemade gift, DIYs can be a great idea!
Now, I am no artist, nor do I sew, nor do I have a ton of patience when it comes to crafts. The following projects are things would love to try out or I would be happy getting them as a gift myself! (Or, you know, make them for yourself!)  They are also things that I could manage to do; easy :)

Animal Bookend
Cute idea, and can be made with really whatever you wanted to glue on top! Maybe an owl? How cute would that look on a shelf!
Also saw this done with a slab of stone

Lip Balm
I've actually already ordered beeswax and it should be arriving soon! I wear lip balm all the time, and would love to make my own.

Tea Towel
Love the idea of paining my own tea towels for the kitchen. What a lovely gift that would be! I think it would be cute to make themed towels for holidays and seasons.

Vintage Book Print
Now, you can pay to have one of these made for you via Etsy, or you can just do it yourself! Print anything you would like and put in a shabby chic frame.

Hand Drawn Mugs
You can draw anything you would like and it can be done on any mug (while white is obviously the easiest to draw on). Def going to try this soon!
Same idea for plates. Or anything else ceramic!

Modge Podge Coasters
Again, these can be made with any print you would like, and you just modge podge it on there! So easy and cute! These ones shown here are made with Instagram prints. Love!

Teacup Candles
I've made candles before, other than getting the materials together (order off, they are super easy to make. And how adorable are they in teacups!
Do you have a favorite DIY?