August 20, 2014

Things I love right now

Hey guys! Sorry I've been lagging on the posts. I go through blogging phases, there are times when I write every day followed by periods of no posting. Sometimes I just have nothing to write about, nothing too exciting going on in my life, or am preoccupied with other things (such as Downton Abbey and reading all the books that came in my Amazon shipment).
But I didn't want to leave you guys thinking I forgot about the blog here. So I put together a quick post of what has got my lovin this week :)

Well, for starters, Dylan finally came to a yoga class of mine last night!! He really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll make a little yogi out of him!

I am really enjoying my essentials oils! More specifically, using tea tree oil on my face. I add one drop (yes, that's all!) to my face wash each night and massage it into my skin. Follow it up with my apple cider vinegar toner, light moisturizer, then dab the tiniest amount of tea tree oil onto my blemishes. I know in a previous post I told you guys I loved using honey. While it does work great, it has it's down sides, like making your face look shiny and sticky and you can't wear it to bed because of the stickiness. So now I've switched over to tea tree oil. Much more practical and works wonderfully!
All of my fabulous entertainment that has been keeping me tre busy. Along with Downton Abbey, I've got And Then There Were None, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Pillars of the Earth, Bridget Jones's Diary, Heartsick, and Anna Karenina.
And Lola's subtle hint for attention when I try to take pictures of things.
And when I'm watching tv
I am super excited for our trip coming up in September. We are heading to my favorite country once again, Italy. This time visiting Florence, Cinque Terre, and Portofino.
I can't wait! This will be our last trip before Dylan deploys in October, so we wanted to go all out and see the places we have both been wanting to visit for a long time. 

Have you seen those funny Asian translations?! 
Oh my goodness, Google them or search them on Pinterest. They are the funniest translations ever!
Dylan and I were looking through them one night and I was almost crying I was laughing so hard.

Anyways, have a nice day!!

August 15, 2014

How to be a great fitness instructor & what I learned from the bad ones

I've been teaching fitness for almost 2 years now! I definitely have come very far from when I started teaching. I have had the pleasure of taking fitness classes from some of the most wonderful instructors who inspired me and showed me how a good instructor should act. But just as influential, I have had the experience of watching awful instructors lead a class. They taught me what not to do. Here is what I have learned from the BAD and turned it into GOOD. (These are true stories and I never returned back to these instructors classes)
The Bad: The instructor was serious the whole time. She looked pissed off, hardly made eye contact with anyone, and only gave commands.
I learned: As the instructor, regardless what class you are teaching, it is your job to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. You need to smile, be energetic, and have a friendly demeanor. Regardless what happened earlier, I leave all my troubles outside the gym. The people in class vibe off of the instructors energy, so having a great fun persona will make people love your class. Also, giving positive words of encouragement and compliments to your class goes a long way. What people love even more is when you use their name in a compliment in class! "That's a beautiful Warrior pose, Julie" or "Alice here is doing all the squat jumps! You go Alice!" That is like fitness class ecstasy! Don't know their name? All you have to do is ask, silly.

The Bad: The instructor was not prepared with any routine for class. It wasn't like this was a class she was teaching for the first time; this was HER class. She actually spent time searching on her phone for different workouts while she had students do jumping jacks to fill the time.
I learned: If people are taking the time out of their day to come to your class, you must be prepared. There is nothing more rude or annoying than an instructor who obviously does not care about their class. If you don't care about your own class, then no one will care to come. I meticulously write out all my class routines from start to finish. I can't always remember them and I always have a copy on hand over by my water bottle or by my yoga mat that I can glance at if I forget.

The Bad: It was a very simple formatted conditioning class, and there were some older women in class who just could not do all the high impact moves. The instructor didn't even notice them or bat an eyelash at them.
I learned: Modifications, modifications, modifications!!! I always try to offer as many as I can. Teaching all levels classes like I do, I get very advanced students along with first time exercisers. There is nothing more discouraging than taking a class for the first time (where confidence is already low) and not being able to do the moves. For every move I give, there will always be a less intense option. Even if everyone in class looks like they are in great shape, I still offer the modifications because you never know who may need them. I actually get a lot of compliments from class newbies, thanking me for giving them options they could do. It makes them feel accomplished rather then defeated.

The Bad: The instructor at the front of the room would do only half the exercises she was commanding. She was clearly unable to complete the very high repetitions she was setting for the class. Then she would just stand there, or even better, SIT DOWN and watch everyone else struggle.
I learned: What can be any less motivating than a lazy instructor?! In my opinion, an instructor should be able to do everything they are asking of the class. That doesn't mean they need to, though. It is really good to walk around, check everyone out and make sure form is correct. Walking around and working the room while students exercise is great! But just plopping down on the floor while your students struggle through an exercise?! I usually do about 85% of my classes workout, and spend the other 15% walking around, helping others out.

The Bad: Towards the end of class, the instructor would actually leave EARLY and have another student lead the class through a cool down/stretch.
I learned: I am going to assume she had maybe another fitness class she had to go teach or something, but to not stay till the end of your own class is crazy. If anything, she should just have ended class early all together. It is so important to stay till the very end because I have learned that is when you get the most interaction and develop relationships with your students. The end of class allows students to come up and talk to you, ask you questions, and you get to say goodbye to everyone and tell them you will see them next class. In my opinion, so much important stuff happens at the end of class.

What do you guys think? Have you ever had any awful instructor experiences? Or had an amazing instructor you loved?

August 14, 2014


A guy from my yoga class told me about #yogafeedsamerica running on Instagram. I looked up the hashtag and found all these people posting pictures of themselves doing yoga poses. After doing some Googling I learned what it is all about. Basically, you post a picture of you doing any yoga pose of your choice with the hashtag #yogafeedsamerica and tag their sponsors, and for every picture posted they will donate a meal to Feed America.
It is going on for the whole month of August, and there is also a competition involved for the people who post the most pictures and they can win a prize. Everyone is encouraged to post a new pose each day, so it gives you a chance to learn more poses and get in practice! If you aren't into doing one everyday or the competition (like me), then posting even just 1 picture will give a meal to someone in need.
I've already jumped in on the fun.
To learn more about it and find out the sponsors to tag, click for the link here :)